True Crime

I appreciate it, Mr. Plunkitt...
...but I want to be clear in my mind.
When I see my wife,
I want to be clear for that.

Fair enough.
You change your mind,
let the officer know.

I just had to give you my sales talk.
Badges will be at the gate.
Got the witness list.

What else?
Roadblocks are up.
Demonstrators are light so far.

- Visitors squared away?
- Wife and kid.

Your girl from the Trib,
Michelle Ziegler, will be here at 4.

Mea culpa.
- She was pretty persuasive.
- Let her persuade me next time.

Arnie, what do you think of Beechum?
Sometimes I think about the girl
he shot dead over $96.

Mostly I think about doing my job.
Warden! Sir!
I repent!
Jesus, Atkins!
Give me some of that pussy, baby.
Give me some pussy on toast!
I need some of that pussy on toast!

Go ahead, baby, shake that thing.
Excuse me.
Can I have some pussy on toast?

I just need some pussy on toast.
Give me some pussy on toast!

- Is that you, newspaperman?
- Back off.

You got money.
Give me some on toast.

Come on, I need it.
Promise me you will not
spend this on food.