True Crime

I want you to sit right here while
I have a little talk with Mommy, okay?

Give me a kiss.
Come on.
Come on, now.
You know I'm just going home
to dreamland, that's all.

It's green pastures, Daddy. See?
Here's the blue sky.
I made it at the motel.

Gonna be holding two places
at the table for us.

We're not gonna cry.
I'm sorry. Okay.
We know I'm going to a better place
beyond this place, right?

The thing I worry about most
in all this...

No, she loves you.
She loves you.
I don't want her
to ever think her daddy did...

She won't think that.
She knows you.
I can't find green, Mama.
Do you have it?

All the crayons are
in the box, honey.

Well, I can't find it.
Don't you ever let her think it.
You do that for me, okay?
I swear.
It's lost.
I can't find it anywhere.
Can you use another color, honey?
I have to have green.
It's green pastures!
Look for it.
It's got to be here somewhere.

Daddy won't mind
if you use another color.

Okay, baby.
Calm down.
Calm down, honey.