True Crime

...and I don't care about
justice in this world or the next.

I don't even care what's right or wrong.
Never have.

But you know what this is?
What is this, some kind of joke?
No, it's no joke.
That's my nose.

To tell you the pitiful truth,
that's all I have in life.

When it tells me something stinks...
...I have faith in it,
like you have faith in Jesus.

When my nose is working well,
I know there's truth there somewhere.

But if it isn't working...
:05:35 may as well drive me off a cliff.
I'm nothing.

...I'm not 100% sure...
:05:44 nose has been working that great.
So I've got to ask you...
...did you kill that woman or not?
What happened at that store that day
Amy Wilson was shot?

I went into the store to buy
a bottle of A-1 Sauce.

You paid at the counter...
No, I never got it.
I told everybody this.
Why are you asking me this?

Tell it again. To me.
I went into the store...
:06:25 buy a bottle of A-1 Sauce.
I didn't know where it was.
Amy was behind the counter.

Hey, Amy.
Where you keep the steak sauce?

It's in the back. See where the
ketchup and relish is?

I've been meaning to talk to you.
I don't have it.
I mean I could give you 30 now,
but I don't have it all.

When can you give me the whole 96?
When I get paid, July 15th.
You're not gonna always do this,
are you?

No, I swear. It's just, the end of
school year. We have extra expenses.