Une liaison pornographique

His wife just arrived.
Mrs Lignaux?
Hello... We're so sorry.
We found your husband.
I don't need his presence.
I just need to know he's alive somewhere, anywhere.
Anywhere in the world. That's enough.
He left me, you know. He was fickle.
He always ran after other women.
Little sluts. Whores as a matter of fact!
I don't hold it against him, I never have done.
I knew he'd always come back to me.
And now he's going... He'll never come back.
I can't take that. It's too hard.
You don't know what it's like. I hope you will, it's important.
It's hard because you sacrifice your life for someone,
so when that person's no longer there,
you have nothing left.
You may as well kill yourself.
Come on...
I won't panic, I won't tremble. It'll be easy.
It'll be hard to be without him, even for a few hours.
That'll be hard.
I'II have to do it soon.
Thank you for all your help.