Universal Soldier: The Return

You see? l can still
take them one-on-one.

Yes, you can.
Where does it hurt?

All over.
l feel like l was hit by a train.

But you're okay?
Good. Get cleaned up.
We got a meeting to go to.

l'll be there.
Visible light we can see...
...but the other wavelengths,
infrared and ultraviolet, we can't.

Very good, Hillary. Hello, Luc.
Hey, Dad!
SETH, thank you for watching
my girl today.

A pleasure.
How did my soldiers perform?

You know. You tracked every move.
I wasn't cutting it too close
on the live-fire exercise, was I?

We expect the best from you.
Besides, l was due for a haircut.

l've got a meeting.
l'll come back soon. Talk to you later.

-Bye. Have fun.

l'm sorry l didn't get to see
your demonstration, doctor...

...but we're shutting
the UNlSOL project down.

The defence budget has been cut again
and some things have to go.

The system's ready for a full
DOD shakedown ahead of schedule.

The brass has never been comfortable
with recycling battlefield dead...

...into Universal Soldiers.
The original project cost dozens
of civilian and military lives...

...and created a public relations mess
which we spent years cleaning up.

But to compare the units today
with the original UNlSOLs...

...is like comparing an ax
to a surgical laser.

Two and a half times
stronger than a human. Faster.

And the level four body-armour
uniforms make them almost bulletproof.

General, in addition
to the physical improvements...

...the Matrix chip
in each UNlSOL brain...

...enables SETH to control their action.