Universal Soldier: The Return

Good evening, Dr. Cotner.
Good evening, SETH.
l have to file notes
from today's exercise.

Everything went well?
Yeah. lt went great.
Better than expected, in fact.

Are you sure?
What makes you ask that?
Your galvanic skin response
suggests a problem.

Maybe l'm coming down with
that cold that's going around.

I can adjust the building
filtration system...

... to decrease the possibility
of airborne contagions.

No, thanks, SETH.
l don't think that'll be necessary.

l'll be fine. Just need to get
a good night's sleep.

-Night, SETH.
-Good night, doctor.

Remaining time for UNISOL cool down,
12 hours.

Current temperature, 38 degrees.
Romeo unit, there's work to be done.
lt's late.
What's wrong?
l was just thinking about Mom.
Can you share with me?