Universal Soldier: The Return

Come here!
Come on!
You're missing
a hell of a fight inside.

-No problem.

Terminate pursuit.
I know where Devereaux unit is going.
Romeo, I have an assignment for you.
l saw your girlfriend back there.
You made a nice couple.

Not my type.
She's perfect for you, though.

What do you mean?
No class.
You're way off base.
Then what is your type?
Happy homemaker?

Female special forces?
Wait, let me guess.
Wagnerian biker chick.

No, l always liked cheerleaders.
And the vote will go to
the Senate next week. Senator--

We have late-breaking news.
Police and National Guard units
have been mobilized...

... to deal with the largest
power outage in Texas.

This is Maggie. I'm at St. Mark's
Hospital. Hillary's hurt.

They're moving her to a private room.
Please come as soon as you can.
All right, all right.
Hold your fucking water.

l hope you got it right this time.
l said deep-dish, not thick crust!

Who's the babe?
Erin Young.
The info chick.