Universal Soldier: The Return

Why not?
Cut the crap.
-What's going on?
-Why would you help him?

SETH's a self-evolving
organic intelligence.

That's what you don't understand.
You have no idea how advanced he is.
He killed Dylan.
Natural selection.
What did you do?
Tell me!
l gave him a body l had
in cold storage.

A body.
Not a body.
The best body. Can you dig it?
l pulled the best specimen and
tweaked it up with nanotechnology.

Muscle fibre five times
stronger, faster.

Dylan thought l was crazy.
l proved him wrong.

A super UNlSOL with SETH's own
Thought Matrix for a brain.

The next level of evolution!
Man and computer...

...with one stroke of the key.
Where is he?
You idiot, you think
l'm gonna help you?

Do you think l would betray my God?
He was tapping into my program.

Hello, Luc.
Give me the code
or l will have to kill you.

You won't kill me
because l've got the code.

Perhaps l still may break it.
You only have four hours.
Then you must give it to me
or l will take something from you...

...that is worth much more to you
than killing me.

You know who l mean.