Varsity Blues

In America we have laws.
Laws against killing.
Laws against stealing.

It's accepted that, as a member of
society, you will live by these laws.

In West Canaan, Texas, there's
another society that has its own laws.

Football is a way of life.
That's me as a kid,
playing ball with my best friends.

I'm Jonathan Moxon,
but most people call me Mox.

As a boy in West Canaan, you never
question the sanctity of football.

You just listened to the coaches
and tried as best you could to win.

Win at all costs.
Good morning, Creighton Miles here,
looking forward to seeing you tonight

at Bud Kilmer stadium as the
Coyotes take on the Bingville Bulls...

- Think you'll play tonight ?
- Do I ever ?

Lance is the best quarterback
in the state.

Maybe if you run up the score...
What if Lance gets hurt ?

That would be a disaster.
As a man on the cross,
pray for the health of Lance Harbor.

- Son, did you pray for playing time ?
- Yeah, I just spoke to Jesus upstairs.