Virtual Sexuality

l hate to be the one
to tell you this...

...but sooner or later
you've got to admit defeat.

You were waiting for a guy to
whisk you off on a magic carpet...

...not stalk one with compost
sewn into your knickers.

lt's a very rare type
of leaf mold, actually.

Do you feel it when
Hoover looks at you?

She doesn't.
l had a lump in my throat,
then felt my willy....

lt had a life of its own.
l could feel it pulsating.

Sharon said the dazed thing
was a good sign.

You just rang Sharon?
Part of the deal
was a midspell helpline.

Sharon suggested
a new potion package.

Hoover and l did
nutritional science together.

l just thought she was a pain.
l thought of her as a waste of space.

Now, l just keep thinking of her--
Well, l keep thinking of her naked.

Jake's either gay
or he's hot for Hoover.

-She's certainly got the hots for him.
-Hoover has?

He's too classy to
fall for her methods.

She'd just offer to show him the
washing instructions on her duvet.

He's way above all that.