Warlock III: The End of Innocence

Looks good, man
Damn good
You are in my no fly zone
The place kind of rocks
don't you think?

Is it me or is this thing
getting bigger?

Well, look who's up?
They want me to go through
family stuff

and so far I haven't found
any stuff

It's like the house has been
turned upside down

There is not even a book
Great, that means we can
go back to civilization?

I'm Mr.Butterfield
We spoke on the phone
Right, the historian
Come in
Thank you
Can I take your wet coat?
Do you want some breakfast?
Thanks, I can't stay
I just came to bring you
some papers to sign

Permission to...
take some things off the
premises that kind of thing

Who is it, Kris?
It's the historian...
the phone call
Can you tell me about
my family?

You want some pancakes?
How are you doing?
I need to spend some time
with Mr.Butterfield

So I will be with you
in a minute

Sure, no problem
I need to...
What can you tell me
about the house?

The house...
The house was once owned
by a man named Covington

A horrible man evidently
He wasn't...?
Your relative?

Why was he so horrible?
There was a lot of talk
about disappearing children