Warlock III: The End of Innocence

Your car doesn't work
in the rain?

No, it is not the rain
Come on guys
Don't give him a hard time
You are an architect?
So you design houses?
No, Lisa...
So what can you tell us
about this house?

Few people know this but
there's a series of
catacombs designed

underneath the house
an entire network of tunnels
built as an escape route

during the colonial times
Cool, can we see them?
I'm afraid they have been
sealed for hundreds of years

So why did you become
an architect?

It is my calling like
Ms.Kris's art

Like Jerry's music
Like my golden touch
Chill out
Like hell I am
A few years of sucking at
the tit of the Wall Street

money machine and I can
do my own thing

If you even know what your
own thing is by that time

I just want to do
my own work

Even if it means waiting
tables, I don't care

I don't want to be a
player in somebody else's

Because I mean, you got to
be free

Did you guys ever feel like
you had to do this thing

and doing anything else is
almost like digging a ditch

Iike it's a prison sentence?
Free to be a waitress
It sounds like bullshit
to me

She won't be a waitress
She'll be an artist with
ketchup stains, that's all