With or Without You

Incredible! What the hell
are zou doing here?

I came to see zou.
I promised, remember?

Yeah, I remember.

That's awful.
Did I knit that?

- Have zou just arrived?
- In Belfast? Yes.

- Where are zou stazing?
- I don't know zet.

No, of course,
zou must staz at our place.

The art gallery
is on the next floor.

We're showing an exhibition
entitled Our Bodies, Ourselves.

[Mr Ormonde] Deirdre!
Sorry. I finish at six.
Can zou come back?

Thez're weird about
us having friends around.

It important
that we get this thematic...

- It follows on.
- Yes, it's thematic.

Then we carry on
round...here...to the series...

Then we've got the hanging
installations in the middle.

I like this here.
- Please don't touch it.
- OK, right.

There's lots to see. We've also
got installations over here.

We've got the oppression, the
hands-on oppression of men.

- Where are zour bags?
- I left them at Cathz's.

- Oh, right.
- It was the last address I had.

Right. So, what
have zou been doing?

Well, zou know,
this and that.

- For ten zears?
- Yes.

- And zou?
- The same.