Witness Protection

Hey, baby.
We can't live like this.
The kids have got to go to school.
Things just keep getting worse.
There's got to be some way out of this...
someone we can call.

It's okay.
Just make it go away.
I'll fix it.
Robert Frances Batton,
a.k.a. Bobby Bats,
Bobby B., Batman.

Career criminal.
Straight out of South Boston.
Three years in juvenile hall.

Currently the president
of the Steel Barrel Democratic Club,

a.k.a. The Donkey Club...
local political group.

And the funny thing is that
the Democratic Party Association...

has never heard of you, Bob,
and that, of course...

is because the Donkey Club
is a front for Theo Cruise's gambling...

and extortion activities.

Theo Cruise, out of Charleston.
Just a couple of crazy Micks, huh?
Do you guys
say the rosary together?

If you had anything on me,
you would have already arrested me.

Is that right?
We got a 16-count indictment
on you, Bob.

We just didn't know
where you were.

And then, bingo,
you come walking in my front door.

It's kind of ironic.
Don't you think? Without a lawyer.

- Don't need one.
- Really?

We at the U.S. Attorney's Office, as
well as my colleagues here in the FBI...

were about to move in
on your tired asses...

when Theo decided to kill you.
Actually, we thought
you took off on us, Bob.