Witness Protection

We just wanna get the guy
that's trying to kill you.

That's all we're doing.
Now come on.
I was there when Theo Cruise
told Jimmy Sticks to...

To cut Fred O'Malley's throat...
but not enough to kill him.
Then Theo put a handgun
into O'Malley's mouth...

and fired three times.
Theo then told Jimmy
to hang Frank Gwynne...

by the neck from a beam...
but again,
not enough to kill him.

Then Theo personally beat Frank...
beat him with a tire iron
until he died.

How long?
Two hours.
That's just a couple of regular
businessmen like anybody else, huh?

All right. Sign this contract...
saying that you'll repeat that statement
in court...

and we'll move you into a safe house
and then the Witness Protection Program.

Is there a choice of, um...
- Do I take my family, or...
- You know what, Bobby?

I don't care if you bring your wife,
your girlfriend...