Witness Protection

- O'Brien.
- Come here.

- There's no cameras out here.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- How do you know?

- I've been here before.
- Oh, really? Who with, Al Capone?

It's not so bad, is it?
Kind of pretty.
What is it, honey?
Are you okay?

The bad man.
I got you.
The bad man's gone.

It's okay. Daddy's here.
Cooper. Something easy.
You know, not some Hungarian name
that none of us can spell.

So we would be the Coopers and...
Look at your face.

- And that would make you who?
- Suzie Cooper.

- Good job.
- Right on, honey.

Sean Cooper.
Has a nice ring to it.

Okay? So we're the Coopers?
The Cooper family?

And Dad's name is William.
We're gonna call him Bill.
Can I still call him Daddy?
And I'll be called Joan.
You're kidding, right?
No, I like that name.
Joan, like Joan of Arc.
I used to love her when I was a kid.

Yeah, because she was nuts.
She heard voices.

- Talking in her brain.
- Maybe. No.

It's good to hear you laugh again.
Yeah, no. Everything's great.
She gets to start off from scratch
with Suzie Cooper.