Witness Protection

Cooper. C-O-O-P-E-R.
William and Joan.
Right. Yeah.
And Susan and Sean.

Put a rush on that.

Why is it that every time I call
your state, I get the runaround?

- Thanks.
- I need the birth certificate...

to originate there.
And I need it now.
Thank you.
You ever have a guy
who just rubs you the wrong way?

Every friggin' day, champ.
Incoming. Ramirez.
I swear to God, this guy is gonna set up
a racket in two weeks' time.

- Yeah.
- Let the field agents deal with it.

Just process them
and forget about it.

Maybe this guy
could fail his psych eval.

Yeah, like Joey Grasso.
Guy had how many hits?

Right. Butchered like 20?
Yeah. No problem.
He's mentally stable.

Let's get him a job
selling chairs at Kmart.

If I wanted to be dead,
would I be here?

I'm too busy to get depressed, Doc.
Too busy making money.
How's your relationship
to your father?

What relationship?
The last time I saw him
was at my mother's funeral.

Look, I grew up
in a tough neighborhood.

Some guys became priests,
some cops.