Wo de fu qin mu qin

-Is that Di? What's aII the racket for?

I heard they aII went
to see the teacher this morning.

-Has he arrived yet?

Great. Our viIIage finaIIy got
its own teacher.

-What does he Iook Iike?
-He's a young man.

A young man can teach?
He must be taIented.
-Where is he staying?
-The viIIage counciI office.

Good. There is a heated bed
in the counciI office.

Where wiII he eat?
He'II eat with a different famiIy each day.
When it's our turn,
we shouId make a good meaI.

Di, what are you doing?
Why did you change into new cIothes
just to see the teacher?

My grandmother was already blind by then.
Mother said when Grandfather died,
Grandmother cried until she went blind.

After Grandfather died, Mother was
the only one to take care of Grandmother.

Grandmother's only wish was
to find a good husband for Mother.

She had many men propose to her.
But my mother didn't like any of them.
When my father arrived,
the schoolhouse wasn't completed yet.

The mayor asked all the men
to help finish it.

According to one of our village customs,
a new building must have...

...a red cloth wrapped around its beam
for good luck.

The cloth is called the ''Lucky Red Banner.''
It must be woven
by the most beautiful maiden in the village.

This task, of course, fell upon my mother.
Perhaps she already had my father in mind.