Wo de fu qin mu qin

Back then, when the village had
a big event like building a new house...

...each family prepared a dish...
...for the men working on the site.
My mother prepared her best dishes...
...hoping my father would eat
what she made.

In the old days, women were not allowed
to participate in many things...

...such as building a new house
or digging a new well.

Superstition had it
that women would bring bad luck.

When they built the schoolhouse,
women could only...

...watch from a distance.
-What did you make today?
-Steamed bread.

-Di, what did you make?
-I made onion cakes.

I brought rice steamed in Iotus Ieaves.
Steamed rice is not as good
as onion cakes.

-Did you save some for your boyfriend?
-Shut up!

They just pick up any dish at random.