Wo de fu qin mu qin

''In Iife....'' Read after me.
''One must have a goaI.''
Let's start from the beginning.
''Reading and writing opens one's eyes.
''Writing and counting benefit one's Iife.
''Keep a journaI faithfuIIy.
''Know the present, know the past....''
When I was young, my mother told me
my father had a beautiful voice.

My mother is illiterate
She didn't understand the text.

But she couldn't resist my father's voice.
She went by the school
every day after that.

For most, the novelty of the new school
wore off after a while.

But not for my mother.
For 40 years, she went to listen.
It became part of her life.
''Have respect for your eIders.''
My mother heard that each day
after school...

...my father walked some students home.
She started waiting beside the road,
hoping to meet my father.