Wo de fu qin mu qin

On the third day, mushroom dumpIings.
What a shame, three deIicious meaIs.
Mushroom dumpIings are my favourite.
I'II make you some this afternoon.
-That's too much troubIe for you.
-Not at aII.

You've just finished Iunch,
and now you're pIanning dinner.

Di, show the teacher out.
He must be very busy.

Yes, I shouId go.
You Iook pretty in that red jacket.
I remember it from the day I arrived.
Don't forget to come back for dumpIings
this afternoon.

You shouIdn't make the dumpIings.
-Why not?
-So you won't regret it Iater.

-What wiII I regret?
-You know it yourseIf.

This teacher is a nice man.
But he's out of our cIass.
What are you taIking about?
They're onIy dumpIings.

Don't pIay dumb. I'm just being honest.
You'd better forget about him.
-I won't go back.
-You've got no choice.