Wo de fu qin mu qin

Mrs. Luo, come and see Mr. Luo.
PIease don't cry.
Don't Iet tears faII on him.
Mr. Luo, we are going back to the viIIage.
That day, over 100 people
came to the ceremony.

The mayor told me
they were my father's students.

They heard about his death
and they all came back.

Many came from other towns.
Some drove from the city.
The mayor said
some came from as far as Guangzhou.

Some tried to come but didn't make it
in time because of the snowstorm.

I didn't recognise most of them.
Many of them were older than me.
I don't know when my father taught them.
I didn't know how to address them.
Anyway, as the mayor said,
they were all my father's students.

Take the money back.
Why? Didn't you pay them?
They won't take it...
...not even the ones we hired.
No one wants the money.
Take it back.