Wo de fu qin mu qin

PIease don't cry.
It's not good for your heaIth.

With your father gone,
it's hard not to feeI IoneIy.

I know.
You must work hard
and make a good Iife for yourseIf.

''One must respect sociaI norms.
''Have respect for your eIders.
''In Iife, one must have a goaI.
''One must Iearn to read and write.
''Writing and counting benefit one's Iife.
''Keep a journaI faithfuIIy.
''Know the present, know the past.
''Spring, summer, faII and winter...
''...east, west, south, north...
''...in everything there is a purpose.''
I gathered the students early that morning.
I said I would teach them for one day.
The mayor asked me why.
I said it was for my mother
as well as for my father.