A Better Way to Die

MeaIs in themseIves.
I've got Swiss vaniIIa, chocoIate fudge.

and my favourite orange-pineappIe.

- I'II try a chocoIate fudge today.
- Fantastic!

Who's your daddy?
What's with the piece?
My Iine of work requires it
from time to time.

''FIash. Finder of Iost shit.''
Say you Iost your granddaddy's watch
your daddy gave you five years ago.

I can find her for you.
Or you're Iooking for some fancy
Chinese pottery you Iost in GuatemaIa.

- I'II find that too. I find Iost shit.
- No shit?

- No, Iost shit.
- You hunting for something right now?

- Affirmative.
- What?

That's cIassified, soIdier.
- What did those bastards take from you?
- What didn't they take from me?

They got my car, aII my bags, my money.
- Nothing that matters.
- HoIy cow. Let me see that.

Oh my. You've got yourseIf an agenda.
A Iong-term agenda.

- Lucky Iady know it's coming?
- It'II come at her Iike a curve baII.