Adrenaline Drive

I'm sorry but
he's too much for us.

Fine, go back then.
I'm sorry.
How are you?
I get grandma, huh.
If you're well enough
to insult me, we don't need this.

Gimmie a cigarette!
There's no smoking.
You'll have smoke coming
out of all your stitches.

What are you up to now.
Get this fucking stuff off of me.
I will not. These machines are
what's keeping you alive.

Get me the fuck outta here!
Who cares about my life!
Out of the question!
We're working hard
to save that life.

Don't forget, you're not living,
we're keeping you alive!

Oh, all right.
Excuse me for screaming.
Are you passing?
Shit, I mean.
Forget it.
Are you embarrassed?
Let's move you
over and check.

Who cares what
this grandma, sees, right?

I'll be your host 'til 6 o'clock, with
Brand New Day, Brand New Song,

An afternoon of music
and conversation...