Adrenaline Drive

What are you doing?
You can't walk around.

I have something to take care of.
You can't just walk out of here!
Just one day?
I promise I'll come back.

I said no. You can't go
anywhere in such shape.

If you let me go, one day,
just one day, I'll pay you...

A million.
You're really trying
to bribe a nurse?

OK, two million.
For three I'd think about it...
OK. Three million.
If the hospital
finds out, I'm fired.

I'll take care of you.
You can barely
take care of yourself.

That'll change.
Excuse me.
Really tasty.
You marinate the pork?
You must, it's so good.
And the eggs are
just the right touch.

Special eggs?
Regular eggs.
And the soup is divine.
I drank mine all up.
What's in the stock?
Pig's feet.
Pig's feet.
How dare you!
Feed us pig's feet!
You expect to be paid for that!
That's ridiculous!
What the fuck!