Alice et Martin

What happened?
I turned around.
He hit me hard with an ashtray.
Let's get out of here.
Killers turn you on the most.
Stop it!
it's one in a hundred.

It's worth it. Believe me...
You're exaggerating.
You're happy. Totally fulfilled.
Exactly. Happy and fulfilled.
My ear is killing me.
When is your audition?
In 3 days. I'll never learn it.
You just have trouble
with one section.

What about tomorrow?
I'm working at Virgin all day
and playing tango all night.
We rented a place.
We've already broken even.

I'll get Martin to run my lines.
I sort of prefer candles
to electricity.

Come on, Benjamin!
Candles are nice,

but no heat, no fridge, no phone,
no hot water - I'm fed up!

It's like with sex.
You court disaster.

No comparison.
I feel like
you're putting me to the test.

If I resist, I'm a prude.
Sorry, I forgot to pay.
You spent the money
on something else.

To each his own. Way back when,
I never preached at you.
I'm not preaching.
I'm talking about concrete things.

Everything here is getting fucked
beyond repair!

Well put.
I'm not joking.
It's hard to keep from sinking.

My ear hurts
and I hate hysterical fits.

I'll stop bothering you.
No goodnight kiss?
Not tonight.
Can I show you my photos?
If it's not too long...
Some other time then.