All the Pretty Horses

San Angelo.
Why are you here?
I just wanted to see the country,
I reckon. Or we did.

-You and your friend.
-Yes, sir.

But you are the leader.
We don't have no leaders. No, we're just buddies.
Of course.
I recently purchased a thoroughbred
stallion of excellent blood.

-You gonna raise racehorses?
-No. Quarter horses.

I'm thinking of breeding my stallion
with my Mesteno mares.

What's your opinion on that?
Well, I've known it done.
There's been good cow horses
sired out of thoroughbreds.

Of what importance is the mare?
Same as the sire. In my opinion.
Most breeders place more confidence in the stallion.
Yes, Sir, they do.
But I agree with you.
And you rode all the way here from Texas?
Yes, Sir.
-You and your friend?
-Yes, sir.

Just the two of you.
Yes, Sir.
Just me and him.
Well, Mr. Cole, would you like to see some horses?
Yes, Sir.
It ain't like you was going away.
No. We'd still be working together.
It's a good opportunity for you.
Hell, I'd do it.