American Psycho

They don't have a good bathroom
to do coke in.

Are you sure that's Paul Allen over there ?
Yes, McDufus, I am.

- He's handling the Fisher account.
- Lucky bastard.

- Lucky Jew bastard.
- Jesus, McDermott, what does that have to do with anything ?

I've seen that bastard
sitting in his office...

talking on the phone to the C.E.O.s,
spinnin' a fuckin' menorah.

Not a menorah.
You spin a dreidel.

Oh, my God, Bateman.
Do you want me to fry you up some
fucking potato pancakes ? Some latkes ?

No, just... cool it with
the anti-Semitic remarks.

Oh, I forgot. Bateman's dating someone
from the A.C.L.U.

He's the voice of reason.
The boy next door.

Speaking of reasonable--
Only $570.

That's not bad.
A little something
for the purse.

Give her the 50.
Stoli on the rocks.
These aren't good anymore.
It's a cash bar.

That'll be $25.
You're a fucking ugly bitch.
I wanna stab you to death...
and play around
with your blood.

What can I get
for you two ?