Auto da Compadecida, O

The cow I lent you,
so you'd have milk.

- I want it back today!
- Today!

- Even the cow?
- You're overdoing it!

And didn't I tell you
to stay with the bitch?

- Didn't she?
- She did.

- How is she?
- It's still got four paws, a nose...

- Don't tell me she's worse!
- I won't.

- But is she? Tell us!
- Make up your minds!

Don't tell me you let her die!
- I didn't let her!
- Thank God!

But you know
she never listens.

Chicó! You should've
stayed with the bitch!

If I had, who'd have brought
the news of its death?

My little bitch is dead!
The bitch met its fate.
It met the only
irreparable doom...

that marks our strange
destiny on this Earth.

The unexplainable fact...
which puts all living things in one
flock of condemned creatures...

because all that lives
shall die.

"All that lives shall die."

Where did you hear that?
You sure didn't make it up.

No, I didn't.
I heard it from a priest.

- When my pirarucu died.
- Your pirarucu?

Actually, I think I was his.
Didn't I tell you about him?

No. I've heard of men owning fish,
but not the other way around!

It was when I was in Amazonas.
I wrapped the harpoon rope
around my body and my arms.

When it bit, it pulled me
into the river.

- The fish caught you.
- Exactly! It caught me.