Did you see how that dick went down.
With his expensive suit. Hello... Boom.

The face he made.
-Stupid fuck.

Where are we going?
-How would I know.

Where luck takes us.
And we´ll let the "you can fuck off"
side of our souls go it´s own way

I have cut myself everywhere.
-It´s crazy like that.

You don´t know anything, it´s cool.
We are far from the Vosges.
We have to be there at the 13th.

What do we have to do there?
It´s far away, it´s cold and ugly.

We have an appointment there
with Noëlle, right?

Yes, I forgot.
I would advise you to use the Beretta 92f,
with the Pachmayr grip, totally stainless steel.

It´s one of my favouite guns.
It´s very virile.
I think it´s great.

You push the magazine deep
into the end...

:38:34 pull the sledge back,
unbolt on the side.

And the gun is ready to fire.
Remember to push the magazine
into the end hard.

Pull the sledge and unbolt
on the side.

And if your husband....
And if his wife
likes to shoot dickheads?