Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000

-This is all the medicine I could find.
-I'm sorry.

The gods took your father
in the night.

As long as we stay here, there'll
never be enough to eat. Never.

There may be other places
we could live where food is plentiful.

All it takes is one demon to follow
you back from the forbidden land.

Then we'd all be struck down.
Have you ever seen one?
Have you?
Has anyone here ever seen one?
A demon?
A monster!
A beast!
The stories are true.
The gods used to live here.
They watched over and protected man,
but man grew selfish. . .

. . .and cruel. So the gods left. . .
. . .allowing the demons
to descend from the sky.

As survivors, we must dedicate
our lives to pleasing the gods. . .

. . .so that one day they will come back
and drive away the demons.

That is our fate.
Only if you believe in fate.
I'm sorry. I can't take you.
I can't handle myself
as well as a man?