Better Than Sex

A country mesmerized
by Japanese culture

Be it automobiles,
comics or movies..

everything in Taiwan...
has a trace of Japanese culture
And much like Japan,
Taiwan has many social problems
One of them,
is juvenile delinquency
Taiwan has material wealth,
but its youth are
spiritually empty In Taiwan,
Taiwanese teenagers
are waiting...

for us to save them
Right now, Taiwan...
When did she pass away?
So this is our special program
We will conquer Taiwan!
Our hostesses, Luna, Lumi,
will declare war on Taiwan's
delinquent teens

I get it.
We will not rest...
until we've weeded out
every one of them!

Delinquent teens in Taiwan!
Take heed!
Your time is up!
We're coming after you!
"Saving Taiwan's Delinquents"
It will be our second
anniversary special

Any questions?
Does Taiwan have tan girls
with platform shoes?

What if we can't find
any delinquents?

Taiwan has Wulong tea
and pineapple cake

It's an agricultural country,

Yes, and mangoes
are popular too!

So delicious!
Taiwan's not like you think...
We don't want tan platform
shoe girls

Since it's a special program,
we want something special...
I see...