Better Than Sex

Seven days a week,
for five hours a day
I helped out at the store,
organizing shelves,
ripping off covers,

taking orders...
Before you know it,
seven years passed by
Where did this egg come from?
I knew every model
in the magazines...

and they knew me
I'd given them
everything I could

and they gave me something too,
something I most needed
Everywhere I went,
they were with me
They were never angry with me
their smiles never faded...
always so young and vibrant
Whenever I needed them,
they were there

They were never too busy."
Who needs real women anyway?
Who needs a girlfriend?
At least,
I know I don't.
You're wrong!
You say that
because you don't have purpose
in life.

My purpose is in these magazines
That's my purpose...
not yours!
My purpose is the same as yours!
No, you can't be like me!
Why not?
Lin, you're still a virgin right?
If you were to give up
your innocence...

who would you do it with?
If I could...
it would be a housewife

A housewife...
can give you some special care,