Better Than Sex

the lowliest of them all.
Lin, I think...
what you really need is not
these magazines

but a real live woman
I need a woman?
There's only one way to
find the answer

when you go home and beat-off,
don't look at any porns,
just close your eyes

And the woman who appears...
will be the one you're
looking for

I can't remember anyone
There seem to be...
some blurry images...
flash through my head
I've got to try harder...
Ouch! Muscle spasm...
I couldn't think of anyone
After seven years,
since pornography entered
my life...

it is the first time..
I've really felt lonely
It's also the night...
Boss Cheng met his final destiny
No one really knows...
what happened that night
Everything started...
with this crazy cop...
chasing three teenagers
who were drag racing...