Better Than Sex

Bastards! Pull over!
Eat My Shit!
To this day,
I still don't understand...

how that cop could ride
a motorbike...

straight into the bookstore...
and hit Boss Cheng?
The newspapers said,
the cop was cracking down
on porn stores

if that was the case,
why did he have shit
all over him?

That night,
when the cop tried to help
Boss Cheng,

Cheng's last words were:
This book's mine
Several days ago
a motorcycle crash...

uncovered one of the biggest
illegal pornography
outlets to date

This morning
Taipei City police...

took the 50,000 magazines
they had seized...

Boss, they burned
all of your books

and burned them at an incinerator
What's that sound?
Boss, did you hear that?
It wasn't until the doctor said..
his heart was clogged,
that I knew
the sound
was the sound of Boss Cheng's
heart breaking

Over the past seven years,
he was my source of wisdom
When he died,