Black and White

You'd be surprised how many white kids
do know what time it is.

The same way we was taught
when we came here...

...on the slave ships, we teaching now.
So who are the slaves today?
We still the slaves.
-The average working man is a slave.
-We all sharecropping.

But the thing is,
this music is so influential and so real...

...there is not a wall built
that can hold it down.

Me and Charlie wanna come
hang out with you.

You all got too much
extra baggage around.

-If we lose our boyfriends, can we come?
-What did I just tell you?

-I'll say I'm not feeling well.
-I wanna go.

When we get off the ferry,
let's jump in a cab and ditch them.

Let's get something to eat
when we get back.

Let's get it when we get to Chinatown.
There's only one cab.
There's not enough for everybody.

We have to stick with these kids.