Black and White

Would you deal with the responsibility
of going to prison?

I've been there. You don't want to go.
Random strip searches, kicks in the ass...

...having dogs look up your ass.
Having a pervert guard playing
with your asshole and your balls.

Is that what you want?
-You're fucking with words.
-I'm not playing.

You're very articulate and all this bullshit.
Oh, my God.
We're from the same
motherfucking part of town.

I don't even understand
whatever the fuck it was you just said.

In other words...
...a bug needs to be stomped on.
But listen, I love you as a brother,
always will love you.

I like Dean, too,
but your guy chose this life.

Deal with that problem.
You should call me with the scores.

I got a fucking headache,
you're talking some fucking scores.

I'm out of here.
Gotta go, gotta go.
See you tomorrow night, Mike.
Chucky-Chuck. What up, Chuck?
Mr. Roberto, talk to me.
There was some trouble
the other night in the club.

-Motherfucking right, there was trouble.
-First of all, this is Scotty, and that's Frank.

-Tell me what happened.
-I'll tell you what happened.

I wanna hear this. He tried to take half.
Clubs opening in the neighbourhood
where I've lived all these years of my life.

A 20-block radius
that me and my crew rule.

We're gonna work something out.
I got something else we'll deal with later.

As for this, it's solved.
We'll take care of it.

Shake hands with my nephew.
Come on, shake hands.

Shake hands!
All right, no more problems, no more.
There will be no more problems.
We'll work out what we gotta do.

All right, guys, I'll see you at the opening.