Bless the Child

Maggie, I want you to think
this through carefully.

Jenna and l, we only
want what's best for Cody.

You don't know her yet. She doesn't
know you. This will take time.

I'm afraid you don't
have that luxury.

You're gonna have to decide
right now, today,

how you're going to deal with this.
And I promise you, you do not
want this in some court's hands...

for your own good--
and for Cody's.

Good-bye, Maggie.
- Cody?
- [Cartoon On TV]

[Hissing, Whispering,

[Tires Screeching]
- He grabbed her out of my bedroom!
- Calm down.

No, I won't calm down. I won't
leave here until somebody helps me.

Excuse me, miss.
How old is your child?

Six years old.
- It's her niece actually.
- Can I take a look at that?

Anyway, the kid's not really
missing. It's a custody dispute.

We should probably
give it to Social Services.

Eric Stark is involved in this?
Have you talked to this guy?

- No.
- I tried. His number is unlisted...

and the foundation
just gave me the runaround.

- Want me to find a number on him?
- Yeah, thanks.

I'd like to talk to Miss O'Connor
for a few minutes.

Please, come this way.
I'll be honest with you,
Miss O'Connor,

Stark's organization has been
under investigation before.

For what?
Harboring runaways.
There were allegations
of tax fraud...

and money laundering,
but nothing that would stick.