Booye kafoor, atre yas

May you live to become 120
years old, but what a good idea.

One has to think of one's afterlife.
Besides, it is more economical.

I didn't do it for
economic reasons.

Spiritually, it is also
more rewarding.

When the survivors come to pay
their respects, instead of...

...reciting two prayers,
they will recite only one.

But you have already buried
someone else in that plot.

That is impossible.
We have computerized

:12:22 order to prevent such

What is the deceased's name?
Jaleh Sheibani-Farjami.
Lot 14, row 15...
...number 90, correct?
Right, now look up number 91.
- Haj Hosein Mosavat.
- That's right, but I have the license.

Sir, please bring me your receipt.
I am sure you're mistaken.

Besides, they might have
sold you a two-level grave.

Sir, I did not buy a two-level grave.
I bought the adjacent plot.

- Haj Hosein Mosavat?
- Yes, but that's my land.

Sir, please bring me
your receipt.

If you are right,
we will do something for you.

- Like what?
- We'll give you another plot.

I don't want another plot.
I bought two adjacent plots...

:13:15 I would be buried
next to my wife.

Of course, we normally
don't make mistakes.

But supposing we did...
...I cannot exhume a corpse
without proper authorization.

Besides, 99 percent of the people...
...don't want to be with their wives
when they are alive.

Yet, you won't leave her alone
even after death?