Booye kafoor, atre yas

Here you are, sir.
This one doesn't need water.
Act Two
The Funeral Arrangements

Please come in.
Pull down the door.

Sorry, I asked you to do that
so the sheep won't run away.

What a pasture for sheep!
Well, she'll be our guest
for a few days.

When my parents return
from their pilgrimage to Mecca...

...this animal will be going
on a journey of no return.

In a 70 square meter apartment,
we don't have enough room...

...for our own kids,
let alone a sheep.

Will you light up
a memorial sign for her?

No, sir.
It's the human beings...

...for whom arrival and departure
requires much ado.

Animals come and go
just like that.

Are these all the memorial signs
that you have?

How many do you require?
I meant do they all look
the same?

Well, the traditional Hejlehs
look like these.

Could you light
one of them for me?

Of course, why not?
I'll light up all of them.