Brat 2

Where I have never been,
Farewell forever...
Keep your hands on the table.
That's good..

I pull on the trigger,
your balls fall down.

Frightened? Were you frightened
when you killed Kostya?

Yes, Gromov.
It wasn't me. It was
the American.

It was him. I couldn't.
I know his father.

I promised Kostya. I didn't think
he'd refuse. He's greedy.

Tell me everything about
the American. Now!

Sorry, I'm talking
with a sponsor.

A few more minutes
Still talking?
He's a big shot in lllinois.
He financed the mayor's
election campaign.

He's got congressmen in his pocket.
He deals in drugs,

owns a string of blues and
rock clubs in Chicago.

He launders his money
in them.

His headquarters are
in the Metro club.

He deals in land and
real estate.

He does any business promising
money, like NHL...

He orders films in Russia
with real rapes and murders

and sells them over there.
He's very greedy.

He'll kill you for 100 bucks.
And he conned Kostya's brother.

l...l didn't do it.
A million is no big deal for him.
He's got...