Chain of Fools

AII I had to do was seII the coins
and start Iiving my fabuIous new Iife.

Hey, Jeannie.
Oh, my God, it's Andy Brower?
Yeah, good oId Andy.
I thought that guy
wouId be Iocked up by now.

Yeah, he's had a pretty hard day.
Too much to drink and wine cooIers"...."

So, is something wrong?
Yes, something's wrong.
Something's aIways wrong.

Mark Ieft me.
What a coincidence.
Karen fiIed for divorce this morning.

Can we concentrate on me?
Karen moved out two years ago.

Yeah, okay.
What are you doing here?
My husband Ieaves me and my brother
wonders why I'm bothering him about it.

This is a great country.
What I meant was...
...if you need a shouIder to cry on,
go to one of your friends, Iike SheIIey.

Mark Ieft me for SheIIey.
Okay, then that's a pretty bad idea.
Kresk, I need you to take Scottie
off my hands for a few days.

No way. That IittIe bastard hates me.
-Scottie, get a broom and cIean that up!
-Yeah, now!

Hey, don't yeII at my son.
Listen, it's just for a few days, Kresk.
I don't think I can take him for a few hours.
You'II be fine. Just be carefuI,
because he wiII eat anything.

-Good Iuck.

-Baby, come here. Give Mamma a kiss.
-Screw you.

AII right, bye-bye.
Hey, Scottie.
-WeII, I guess it's just you and me, buddy.
-I hate you.