Chicken Run

Isn't it obvious ?
He's a professional flying rooster.

He flies from farm to farm,
giving demonstrations.

- Do you suppose ?
- Oh, absolutely.

Noting the dark, no.
No, noting there. No.

Get out. Good.
Gotta get--

Who are you ?
Where am I ? What's going on ?

Ouch ! What happened
to my wing ?

You took a rather nasty fall.
And sprained the anterior tendon
connecting your radius to your humerus.

I gave it a wee bit of a tweak,
Jimmy, and wrapped her up.

- Was that English ?
- She said you sprained your wing.
She fixed it.

- I made the bandage.
- I-I carried you in.

- Whoa. Whoa. Whoa ! Whoa.
Let's back up
and start from the top. Where am I ?

You're right. How rude of us.
We're just very excit--

This is a chicken farm.
And we're the chickens.
Yeah, with you so far.
Chicken farm, chickens--

I don't like the look of this one.
His eyes are too close together.

- Father, please.
- And he's a Yank !

Easy, Pops. Cock fighting's
illegal where I come from.

And where is that exactly ?
Just a little place I call the land
of the free and the home of the brave.

- Scotland !
- No ! America.

Oh ! America.
Poppycock. Pushy Americans.
Always showing up late for every war.

Overpaid, oversexed
and over here !

What's eating Grandpa ?
Oh, don't mind him,
Mister-- Mister ?

The name's Rocky. Rocky the
Rhode Island Red. Rhodes for short.

- Rocky Rhodes ?
- Catchy, ain't it ?

Um, Mr. Rhodes,
is this you ?

Uh, who wants to know ?
A group of rather
desperate chickens.

You see, if it is you, then you just
might be the answer to our prayers.

Well, then, call me a miracle,
doll face, 'cause that's me.

And what brings you
to England, Mr. Rhodes ?

Why, all the beautiful
English chicks, of course.