Chicken Run

Stop !
Stop it !
Something is wrong here.
Can't you see that ?

Strange boxes
arrive in the barn.

Babs stops laying, but they
don't take her to the chop,

and now they're giving us
extra food.

Don't you see what's happening ?
They're fattening us up.

- They're going to kill us all.
Whoa, whoa ! Heavy alert.
- She didn't mean that, gals.
- Do you mind ?

Keep eating.
Save some for me.

What are you doing ?
How dare you ! Let go of me !

Listen. I've met some
hard-boiled eggs in my day,
but I'd say you're about 20 minutes.

- What's that supposed to mean ?
- It means you got to lighten up.

Over in America,
we have this rule.

If you want to motivate someone,
don't mention death.

Funny. Over here, the rule is:
Always tell the truth.

That's been working like
a real charm, hasn't it ?

Here's some free advice.
You want them to perform ?
Tell them what they wanna hear.

You mean lie.
Here we go again.
You know what your problem is ?

You're... difficult.
Why ? Because I'm honest ?
I care about what happens to them,

something I wouldn't expect a lone
free ranger to know anything about.

If this is the way you show it,
I hope you never care about me.

- I can assure you, I never will.
- Good !
- Fine !