Chicken Run

Um, I just wanted
to say...

I may have been
a bit harsh at first.

what I really mean is,

thank you...
for saving my life.
For saving our lives.
You know,
I come up here
every night...

and look out to that hill
and just imagine what it must
be like on the other side.

It's funny, I've--
I've never actually felt
grass beneath my feet.

I'm sorry.
Here I am rambling on about hills
and grass, and you had something to say.

Uh, y-y-yeah.
Um, it's just that,
y-you know,

life as I've experienced it,
you know, out there,

lone free ranging and stuff,
it's, uh,

it's full of disappointments
and, uh--

What, you mean grass isn't
all it's cracked up to be ?

Grass !
Exactly. Grass.

It's always greener
on the other side.

And then you get there
and it's brown and prickly.

You see
what I'm trying to say ?

What I'm trying to say is,
you're welcome.
You know,
that hill is looking closer tonight
than it ever has before.

Oh !
Well, good night... Rocky.
Good night... Ginger.
Company, attention !