Story of your life at the moment.
C' est la vie.
"'Cause there is a horse at Newmarket
"They call the Rising Sun
"And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
"I know, cause you are one"
What's the form been like recently?
Porcelain Bus, Cheltenham.
Four and two zeroes, eight-to-one. Came--


Peanut Warrior. Two and two.
-Three legs. Still running.

Still running.
King Chicken.
Three and two zeroes to win.

Two-to-one, came second.
Troy. I know what I dropped.
Come on, man, you know I'm good for it.

I know that you are way over the limit.
Eleven fucking grand!
If we weren't such good friends,
I'd already have had your tongue cut out...

...and stapled to your wife's tit.
Now, where's my money?

It's not what I expected.
Man, there's a big meet on Saturday.
I'm gonna win big time.

I'll pay you back in full.
Listen, I've got a tip for the 3:30.

Bernard's Jibber.
Straight from the proverbial.

Fuck's sake!
-Now, by Friday...

...I want my cash.
-Yeah, I haven't got it, but I'll get it.
-Don't fuck me about, Leo.

-Okay? Still friends?

Still smiling?
-You kidder. See you, Roscoe.
-See you later, Leo.

"R-E-P-A-Y M-E
You know what it means to me

-"R-E-P-A-Y M-E. Take care TCP
-You got it