Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

How's everything? fine.
Please come in.
Mubai... It's been too long.
It has. How's business?
good. and how are you?
Monk Zheng said you were at Wudan Mountain.
He said you were practicing deep meditation.
The mountain must be so peaceful...
I envy you.
My work keeps me so busy,
I hardly get any rest.

I left the training early.
why? you're a Wudan fighter.
Training is everything.

During my meditation training...
I came to a place of deep silence...
I was surrounded by light...
Time and space disappeared.
I had come to a place my master
had never told me about.

you were enlightened?
I didn't feel the bliss of enlightenment.
Instead... I was surrounded by an endless sorrow.
I couldn't bear it.
I broke off my meditation. I couldn't go on.
There was something... pulling me back.
what was it ?
Something I can't let go of.
you're leaving soon?
we're preparing a
convoy for a delivery... to Peking.

Perhaps I could ask you...
to deliver something to SirTe for me.