Dancer in the Dark

Promise to go to school,
Yes, yes,
Every day,
On time,

I didn't know you
were such a good biker,

Rust and women
are the same,

"Rust and women
are the same"?

They are the same,
What is it?
Your fat Yeah, id that?
Some joke...
I don't know
what it meant,

Look at that,
Oh, ho...

You're so kind,
Look at me,

He did all the work,
you know that,

He's really good,
Thank you, Jeff!
You're welcome,
Come in,
Something up, Bill?
No, no, I just couldn't
sleep, that's all,

I have no money,
All the money
that I inherited is...

It's gone,
And Linda...
She spends and spends,
And my salary's
nowhere near enough,

I can't say no to her,
The bank's gonna
repossess the house...

because I'm so far behind
on the payments,

And I'm gonna lose Linda,
I know it,
I know I am,
She loves you, Bill,