if there's a lesson here
for the calf it's that

a dolphin must always
be inventive in finding food

for out in the wild
it's no easy task

calves are dependent on their mothers
for some three to six years

during this period
the young dolphin must learn
how to fend for itself

like humans, dolphins are not
born with the skills to survive

the learning process may start
through simple mimicry

the calf will imitate
its mother's every pose

posture and action
if she stands with her
tail in the sand

the calf will follow suit
even though it may not have
an inkling of why she's doing so

dolphins are opportunistic feeders
and the young must learn
many extremely difficult

and creative
hunting techniques

the mother is using
sound in a way

the calf may not be
capable of just yet

the buzzing sound is a series
of rapid fire clicks

part of a sophisticated sensory
system called echolocation

the sound signals
penetrate the sands

then echo back, giving a clear
indication of what lies below